Hello !

I'm Pâris Douady, 21 years old, and currently looking for a job.

I like to simulate things, do some machine learning and learn about everything.


  • Graduated 1st place among 120 students of a Bachelor in Computer Science, at the University of Rennes 1.
  • Spent 3 years doing a double bachelor in mathematics and computer science at the University of Paris-Sud, but didn't finish it.
  • Got the Baccalauréat (High School Diploma) with honors.

Online presence



This site

e-mail: paris.douady@hotmail.fr


I really like competitive programming, having participated in numerous contests such as Google Hashcode, Google Code Jam, Prologin, Battledev, Codingame's Clash of Code, ACM-ICPC (SWERC), JFP.

  • First french university (in teams of 3) at the Southwestern Europe Regional Contest 2020, 21st place overall.
  • First place at the Journées Franciliennes de Programmations 2018 in duo.
  • First place at Prologin 2018 (won a laptop).
  • First place at Prologin 2017 (won another laptop)
  • Got first place at Clash of Code sometime around may 2018 (rolling leaderboard)
  • Third place at Battledev march 2017 (won a 360 camera)
  • Technically qualified at Google Hashcode 2016 (but disqualified because I was too young)
  • Went to finals at Google Hashcode 2015 (they didn't notice this time), and won the best visualization award with this gif: