Hello !

I'm Pâris Douady and 24 years old.

I like to simulate things, do some machine learning and learn about everything.


  • Graduated 1st place among 120 students of a Bachelor in Computer Science, at the University of Rennes 1. (2019-2020)
  • Spent 3 years doing a double bachelor in Fundamental Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Paris-Sud. (2016-2019)
  • Got the Baccalauréat (High School Diploma) with honors. (2016)

Professional Experience

  • Working at Leboncoin full-time since November 2020.
    My experience there during the summer of 2019 was enjoyable. So, after getting my C.S. bachelor degree at University of Rennes 1, I applied as a backend developer in the same team I used to be.
    I am now working on more traditional backend tasks like developing new features instead of being research oriented.
  • Interned for 2 months full-time in May-June 2020 at the "LOGICA" C.S. lab at IRISA, where I worked on Hintikka's World and Touist .
    I helped redesign the website, and used touist to integrate a SAT Solver as the primary form of model solving for Kripke models.
    I also accelerated touist a lot by diving into the OCaml code and fixing problems.
  • Worked for 5 months full-time in summer of 2019 as a backend Go developer at Leboncoin, the french "Craigslist" and 7th biggest website in France.
    My mission was to enhance the search engine, by doing lots of experiments and analyzing user data to understand what was working or not.
    I summarized one of the improvement I worked on in an article: "Fast cloth color identification from customer images".
  • Worked for 9 months part-time in 2017 as a backend PHP developer at manager.one, a neobank startup that wants to simplify small companies bank interactions.
    I learned the MVC pattern and partially designed the platform.


I really like competitive programming, having participated in numerous contests such as Google Hashcode, Google Code Jam, Prologin, Battledev, Codingame's Clash of Code, ACM-ICPC (SWERC), JFP.

  • First french university (in teams of 3) at the Southwestern Europe Regional Contest 2020, 21st place overall.
  • First place at the Journées Franciliennes de Programmations 2018 in duo.
  • First place at Prologin 2018 (won a laptop).
  • First place at Prologin 2017 (won another laptop)
  • Got first place at Clash of Code sometime around may 2018 (rolling leaderboard)
  • Third place at Battledev march 2017 (won a 360 camera)
  • Technically qualified at Google Hashcode 2016 (but disqualified because I was too young)
  • Went to finals at Google Hashcode 2015 (they didn't notice this time), and won the best visualization award with this gif:

Online presence



This site

e-mail: paris.douady@hotmail.fr


Congratulations, you made it here, in case you wonder what I look like here's a picture of me in the Alps.